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VTB Arena Park

Creating the Brand for the Multifunctional Sports Complex

The Arena of Your Achievements

The Dynamo Stadium was built in 1928 in the Aeroport district in the north of the city. This monumental facility immediately became a focal point: in the same year, it hosted the All-Union Spartakiad, attracting thousands of athletes. During the war, it trained fighters for the frontlines, and later became a venue for the 1980 Olympics competitions. In the 90s, it hosted performances by Michael Jackson and Deep Purple. Over its rich history, the stadium became an integral part of the identity of the entire northern part of the city. In October 2007, the stadium was closed for extensive reconstruction. Along with the renovated stadium, other elements were planned to be added to the adjacent area, forming an architectural complex around the sports arena.

Brand Architecture Brand and Sub-brands' names Brand Design Brand Guidelines PR Campain


Investor of the project named the complex – VTB Arena Park. Its distinct feature is the diverse range of functions. Moreover, the new complex was intended to preserve the decades-long energy of the Dynamo Stadium and transfer it to the new facilities. 


The concept "Arena of Your Achievements," created by our strategy team, successfully unified all elements of VTB Arena Park around the image of a person who builds a life of victory. Thus, the residential, business, sports, and cultural facilities of the complex became a place where individuals aspire to grow and reach new heights. 

Brand Architecture

The brand architecture strengthened this connection by offering a flexible way to brand new facilities. 

Design Concept

The brand design reflects the diversity and energy of the complex. Modern and sleek visuals are combined with elements that pay homage to the historical significance of the stadium. Vibrant colors and dynamic typography convey the excitement and versatility of the space, while maintaining a sense of sophistication and prestige.  


The idea of energy and success found its reflection in the design of the new brand, incorporating dynamic patterns of polygonal lines, while a mosaic pattern based on typography emphasized the diversity and richness of the environment. 

PR Campaign

This type of project required extensive PR support across various levels of the media landscape: 

  • Establishing a media coverage across various local and socio-political media outlets (sports, real estate, lifestyle). 
  • Creating and publishing over 15 press releases per month. 
  • Organizing a series of interviews with key speakers. 
  • Developing a commentary program for spokespeople. 

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