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STARK, a pioneering architecture and interior design studio nestled in the stunning mountain town of Squamish, BC, has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its brand identity with us. The essence of STARK's creative passion, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and collaborative ethos has been encapsulated in the new brand concept – The Thrill Seekers. 
The refreshed visual identity, spanning from logo to layout, mirrors the studio's core values and crafts a seamless and compelling narrative, beckoning audiences to immerse themselves in the sensory journey of architecture.

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Main Page

The main page of STARK's website embodies the essence of the brand's visual identity, seamlessly blending soft minimalism with nature-inspired architecture. At first glance, the page displays one of the brand's architectural projects, immersing you in the captivating world of STARK's creations. However, upon hovering over the image, 
you are transitioned to a blueprint of the project, intricately displaying key brand messages. The same effect works 
in mobile version – you can manually swipe to change the image. This dynamic design not only captures the brand's commitment to architectural excellence but also provides an engaging and informative user experience. 


The Projects page displays the brand's diverse portfolio, categorizing projects into distinct types – architectural, interior, or object design. Each project is initially presented in black, providing a sleek and unified visual aesthetic. Upon hovering over a project, all projects gracefully fade, drawing attention to the selected one, which then reveals its name, location, and captivating image. This interactive design not only showcases STARK's breadth of expertise but also enhances user engagement by providing a seamless browsing experience. 

Project Page

The Project page presents an immersive experience, beginning with an architectural blueprint or texture that sets 
the tone for the project. 
This initial display is complemented by all the project details, e.g. client information, project area, and the team involved. As you scroll down, you are guided through the project's narrative without a fixed header, promoting an uninterrupted viewing experience. However, scrolling up reveals a convenient side menu bar for easy navigation. Further exploration unveils a comprehensive showcase of project images and accompanying texts, providing you with a detailed insight into the project's entirety. This seamless design approach ensures optimal user engagement and appreciation of STARK's architectural prowess. 

About Us

The About us page blends minimalist design with intuitive navigation, offering a seamless user experience. Through clear layout and strategic use of visuals, it effectively communicates the studio's ethos and accomplishments. Smooth transitions enhance engagement, guiding visitors through the page's content effortlessly while maintaining aesthetic appeal. 


STARK's press page embodies a sleek and sophisticated design that seamlessly integrates with the brand's aesthetic. Upon landing on the page, you see a clean layout featuring striking imagery and concise text. The use 
of ample white space enhances readability and draws attention to the featured press articles. Each article is meticulously organized, with clear headings and brief descriptions, allowing users to easily browse through the content. The smooth animation after clicking on an article adds a feeling of vibrancy, which is in the DNA of the whole web design concept. 


The Career page features a sleek and modern design with subtle animations, offering a seamless browsing experience. Structured layout and minimalist color scheme enhance user navigation, while smooth animations 
add dynamism and sophistication. Reflecting the company's commitment to professionalism, the page effectively showcases job opportunities and engages potential candidates with its visually appealing design and interactive elements. 


With its sleek interface and intuitive navigation, STARK's website offers a seamless user experience that aligns perfectly with its brand image. The combination of crisp typography, high-quality imagery, and smooth transitions contributes to a polished and cohesive look and feel. Each page is meticulously designed to showcase the brand's philosophy and services effectively, while maintaining a sense of sophistication and style. From the homepage to the portfolio section, every aspect of the website exudes elegance and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. 

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