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Cosmos Hotel Group

New Brand Strategy and Website of a Well-known Hotel Chain

Redefining the hospitality universe

Cosmos Hotel Group owns and manages 21 hotels with over 7000 rooms in 15 different cities and is among the leading hotel chains, constantly increasing its assets, both through 
the construction of new facilities and attracting third-party hotels for management. Recently the company adopted a new business strategy, prompting the need to reassess the brand's positioning and its offline and online communications.

Brand Strategy (Platform & Legend) Brand Architecture & Naming Slogan Communications Strategy Corporate Website Hotel Websites with the Booking System, Personal Account and Loyalty Program


The new trends and changes brought to the world of hospitality have reshaped the communications strategies of hotel brands. Key considerations for the future of the Cosmos Hotel Group brand include distinguishing between the mother and sub-brands, defining priorities, and structuring brand architecture. Our task was to develop a unified brand and consolidate all group sub-brands.  


Additionally, when working on the websites, it was important to consider that over half of users would access the site from mobile devices. Therefore, the site was created following the "mobile-first" model, adapted for all versions and screens, including web and tablet. 


We crafted the brand platform and legend, redefined the architecture and sub-brandss names, and developed a detailed communications strategy. What more, we created the corporate website and completely restructured and upgrated all hotels' websites, including a booking system, loyalty program, and personal account.  


This unified visual style made the brand cohesive and highlighted not only its values but also the unique opportunities that the company offers to its customers and partners. 


Tourism shapes the development of countries and regions, acting as a driving force of society. We assemble an impeccable team and reliable partners to change the world around us for the better


We unlock the potential of individuals, places, and organizations by creating centers of attraction for all those who strive to craft the perfect hospitality experience


Authenticity is in our DNA We continuously seek opportunities for improvement We set the standards

Communications Strategy

Cosmos Hotel Group communicates with a wide range of audiences, each perceiving the brand differently. Effective communication requires the ability to convey various messages, reflecting its values and positioning.  


We created the brand's communications bible, starting with a master matrix of themes and values - a tool that allows applying the brand's key topics in its everyday communications, ensuring their systematic nature and ideological consistency, alignment with the company's current agenda and the industry as a whole. We also complemented the communications matrix with the tone of voice - a set of rules for composing messages on behalf of the brand, reflecting its character and emotional tone. 


We updated a heavy and overloaded Cosmos Hotel Group corporate website, together with the 17 separate hotel websites with a booking system, loyalty program and personal account. We have completely redesigned the structure and navigation of the website, keeping in mind the needs of both b2c and b2b target audiences of the brand. The idea behind it was to reflect brand philosophy in a single visual style for all of the group’s websites. This single visual style made the brand holistic and emphasized not only the brand values, but also on the unique opportunities that company offers to its customers and partners. 


We conducted in-depth market and competitor research, as well as UI and UX analysis, and developed a Customer Journey Map with a completely new website structure. This allowed us to unite the brand's two key audiences: hotel guests and partners. 

Hotel Websites Templates

In addition, we have created 3 types of website templates (depending on the level of a hotel) that allow CMS admins to create websites for future Cosmos Hotel Group hotels without any additional costs. Simple and straightforward functionality of new websites, combined with their minimalist design, is now key advantage of the new Cosmos Hotel Group websites.  


It was important to consider that over half of users would access the website from mobile devices. Therefore, the site needed to be adapted for all versions and screens, including web and tablet. 


We have created a new admin panel (CMS), which gives the website administrator an opportunity to easy and independently create new hotel pages. Simple and straightforward functionality of the website s, combined with their minimalist design, are key advantages of the new Cosmos Hotel Group website ecosystem. New websites reflect the main principle of the brand's philosophy, opening the universe of hospitality, where guests and partners become friends for years to come.  

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