Boutique by Beluga Group

Branding for the Premium Sub-brand of Beluga

Wine. Spirits. Gift Solutions

Boutique is part of the Beluga Group of companies. The subsidiary company is trading its own as well as the imported premium brands of alcoholic beverages. Sales are conducted for corporate and private clients through the service of personal managers.

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To create a separate brand, which would stand out from the Group’s flagship brand, vodka Beluga. In addition, the logos of the two brands looked similar. The main task was to shift the focus from the flagship brand identity (fish and scales) 
and to emphasize Boutique in the corporate identity. 


A unique visual language was created for the Boutique by Beluga Group, which allowed the company to gain its own character and recognisability. At the same time, the color scheme and visual language do not clash with the design of the flagship brand. 

Design Concept

The design concept is a luxury minimalism, which emphasizes the status of the brand. Clear lines and classic geometric shapes are well combined with accent elements – a series of patterns and contrasting colors.  


The Boutique by Beluga Group logo is used both independently and with the descriptor Wine. Spirits. Gift Solutions, which indicates the direction of the brand.  


Pattern in the shape of ribbons containing the names of alcoholic beverage brands, written in a single style, forms the image of a supplier of premium alcoholic products with a multi-brand portfolio in the b2b market.  

Packaging Design

The exquisite and modern style of the updated brand serves as packaging for products that are pleasant to give and receive.  

Pop-up Store Design

We also created a pop up store design, complimented with detailed recommendations about materials, textures and lights.  

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