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We create landing pages – small (mostly single-page) informative or interactive websites to increase awareness of a new product, service or brand activation




The goal is to formalise the scope of work: to outline all necessary sections, blocks, pages, as well as technical specifications of the landing page.  



  • Gathering initial input  
  • Conducting UX/UI analysis  
  • Creating the landing page architecture  
  • Developing a Technical Specification (TS), which includes the scope of work and technical features of the landing page  
  • Approving with the client  


The goal is to create a unique landing page design, implementing it across all its blocks. Typically, we develop several design concepts based on the first screen (in two formats – desktop and mobile) and a second screen chosen by the client. After the concept is approved, we create layouts for all unique screens and sections of the landing page.  



  • Creating landing page design concepts  
  • Discussing with the client 
  • Creating layouts for landing page (taking into account responsiveness for mobile devices)  

Landing Page Development

The goal is to create a multifunctional landing page showcasing all the brand's advantages in a convenient and appealing format. After finalizing all the layouts, we proceed to coding and developing the landing on various popular platforms (Yii2, Laravel, Strapi, Payload, Webflow, and others) 



  • HTML coding  
  • Front-end animation and programming  
  • Back-end development (platform discussed before signing an agreement)  
  • Integration with external services (if needed)  
  • Presenting the test website to the client  

Testing & Launching

The goal is to perform a final check to ensure the landing page aligns with the technical specification and prepare for its release. We also assist with content management before the launch, and provide detailed guidance on managing the content through the CMS (admin panel).  



  • Populating the landing page with content (provided by the client)  
  • Conducting all necessary testing  
  • Providing consultation on server/hosting purchase 
  • Transferring the landing page to the client's server  
  • Providing guidance on its management  

Туризм и гостиприимство


The restaurant offers its guests European cuisine and author's cocktails. We worked on brand positioning & visual language as well as website and social media, and interior and furniture design, which reflects the key idea of the brand. The project won Transform MEA 2023.

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Gossip Company

Gossip Company

Gossip Company is a New York based wellness brand that is launching its products globally. The company’s philosophy is to create bright and beautiful home products for a young audience while minimising the band production’s impact on our planet. The main goal for us was to balance a fun and bright look & feel with the sustainable and clean communications.

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The project is designed to raise awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and provide reliable mental health resources. We've created a brand that can attract the companies' attention to the problem of depression and, above all, the attention of those who are in a pre-depressed state, but do not know about it.

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Metafrax Group

Metafrax Group

Metafrax Group is among the world's largest methanol producers. We worked on the 360 branding, as well as created communications strategy, brand movie, campaign and websites for all the sub-brans. The project was awarded by Red Dot in 2020.

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