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Branding of World's Coolest Protective Personal Equipment

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During the pandemic, our team received an interesting request – to create a new visual language for Canadian innovation startup VYZR Technologies. The company produces personal protective equipment that is much needed in the face of a global pandemic. The brand's target audience is not only medical workers who are on the front lines of the pandemic, but also common people. BioVYZR, the brand's core product, is a purifying respirator that provides up to 12 hours of clean air and protects people from pollutants, allergens and viruses.

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Our mission was to create a visual identity for the brand that would tell its story to its audience. Also to create an image of VYZR Technologies as an innovative, high-tech, yet friendly company. 


In the mode of self-isolation and zoom meetings in just 2 weeks, we not only updated the visual language of the brand, but also together with a team of object designers developed a new package design for the main product. 

Brand Idea

BioVYZR's product design resembles strongly the space suit. Moreover, the product's purpose – to create a safe and comfortable environment for people, isolating them from the unknown and potentially harmful external environment – also goes along with the space theme. 

Design Concept

While creating the new design for VYZR, we tried to strengthen this association with space and emphasize it. The new visual language of VYZR is minimalistic. It creates a sense of safe space, where technology meets human needs. 

Colors & Design Element

Black, white, and space gray were chosen as the primary colors, with electric blue as the accent color. The main design element was a luminous circle that symbolizes private space, while looking futuristic and hight-tech. Along with this, we suggested a photo style that does not distract from the VYZR brand, yet puts its user in focus. 


As a result of the rebranding, more than 2,000 people have already bought BioVYZR during the first three months (according to the popular crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo). 

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