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The Carlton

Brand Lifting of the Legendary Hotel

Your front row seat with an amazing view

The Carlton is a luxury hotel located in the heart of the city. Due to structural changes in the business, the hotel owners decided to visually differentiate themselves from the mother brand chain to which they had previously belonged.

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Our team faced a tricky task, to fine-tune the brand's visual identity, while maintaining its recognisability and unique character attributes for its target audience. 


We created a new visual language for The Carlton Hotel. The design concept was based on the renovated interiors of the public areas of the hotel, and the unique facade of the building itself. 


In addition to the updated brand identity, our team of illustrators created a new sign for The Carlton Hotel's logo. This sign emphasizes the style succession, while at the same time bringing out the unique character of the place. 


Each language has its own writing peculiarities that need to be considered in order to maintain the visual integrity of the logo and avoid readability issues. The brand envisages using the logo in two languages and therefore is created in two versions: both in Latin and Cyrillic. 


Corporate colors are essential elements of the brand identity. The main colors of the brand are Carlton Black and Eternal Blue, which complement all brand identity elements perfectly. 


Despite the font design being based on classic principles, its authenticity isn't its defining feature. SangBleu takes the best from the past and transforms it into an effective tool for combining elegant aesthetics with a technological environment. 

Design Element

The Carlton embodies the finest luxury experience and ingenuity. It unites people from different worlds by providing then with the best service and unique experience of comfort. However, one of the main elements of the hotel is not only the people, but the building itself. Inspired by the eclectic style of the hotel, we created a design element using straight thin lines which form of a detailed architectural drawing.  

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