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​Creating a Brand for a Flower-Tech Company​

Creating a new flower-loving community

Stera is an online platform for the distribution of a wide variety of plants based on a user-friendly service with full-cycle customer support solutions. It is not just an online store, but a community of people united by the simple idea of loving plants.

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To create a unique brand image that would differentiate it from classic window-type online stores. To give it a sense of technology, while maintaining its friendly vibe and originality in the green field. 


The design concept of the brand is based on the idea that Stera is about people who are united by their love for plants and their desire to move the culture of urban greenery in living spaces forward. We expressed this idea with a bright design that helps to create a joyful and energetic mood and a sense of unity in diversity. Stera becomes a lifestyle for those who want to surround themselves with plants and live in balance with nature. 


Stera's new identity provides the value for urban gardeners and their inspirational stories to get an easy way to discover plants and flowers, follow trends and connect with like-minded people. 

Design Concept

The new brand identity is meant especially for whom life among plants becomes a lifestyle. 


Stera's logo is also a wordmark without a sign. The chosen font is easy-to-read, yet has its own fanciful character. The solid, grounded letters and its intricate cuts give the sign a playful touch. The overall fell of the logo is energetic and vibrant. 


The main color is electric blue, and the other colors are more natural with a more vivid digital shade. Pastel color are to complement the palette of bright, vibrant colors. 

Design Element

We have taken plant shapes as the basis for the design elements and made them a bit more abstract. These elements can exist either individually or in combination with each other. 

Layout System

When creating the layout system, we also used the design elements. By combining elements together we can create a pattern. Moreover, these elements can easily be used as frames for visual content. 

Website Design

Stera has an ambition to grow into the largest online plant shop in Belgium. By now it has a wide range of plants from easy-to-take-care to the rare and special plants. For this reason we created the website design which draws attention with its vivid design, illustrative looking and simple use. 

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