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The Souq

Visual Identity for a Beirut-based Furniture Brand

Bringing together different Lebanese producers

Embark on a captivating journey as we unveil the profound essence of سوق (The Souq) an esteemed Beirut-based brand meticulously crafted by local furniture virtuosos. سوق, translating to "market" in Arabic, stands as a testament to the very spirit of authentic handmade furniture.

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The Souq is a new community that’s why it needed a brand which would reflect all its identity and exquisite uniqueness, emphasising the curated collections of the brand. 


Working back-to-back with a client, local furniture 
factories and digital artists we created a unique visual identity. 


Inspired by the graceful silhouettes of tables, chairs, and lamps, سوق's design elements transcend mere aesthetics; they embody and elevate the bespoke nature of each product, showcasing a truly unique approach bay the visionary creators behind the brand.  

Design Concept

Drawing inspiration from authentic handmade craftsmanship, Souq's visual identity is meticulously curated with serene pastel hues and a minimalist layout. This deliberate design approach ensures that the spotlight shines on the brand's exquisite furniture collection, meticulously curated to reflect elegance and sophistication. 


We have crafted a sustainable color palette for The Souq, inspired by nature and environmental responsibility. Earthy tones and natural hues dominate the brand's aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with its commitment to sustainability and mindful sourcing practices. This eco-conscious color palette not only enhances brand's visual appeal but also underscores its dedication to ethical design principles. 

Design Elements

The design elements transcend aesthetics to embody the essence of each handcrafted product. Inspired by the exceptional forms of furniture pieces, we have created unique illustrations that capture the brand's spirit and individuality. These distinctive design elements celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship behind each piece, inviting customers to connect with The Souq's narrative on a deeper level. 

Packaging Design

The packaging design with sustainable materials embraces eco-conscious practices, utilising renewable resources and biodegradable components to minimise environmental impact. Through thoughtful design and innovative solutions, it not only protects the product but also communicates the brand's commitment to sustainability, fostering a deeper connection with environmentally conscious consumers. 


The branding for The Souq resulted in a captivating journey into the heart of authentic craftsmanship. The brand's visual identity, characterised by serene pastel hues and an elegantly minimalist layout, beautifully showcased its curated collection of handmade furniture pieces. 

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