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Creating an Identity of a New Streetwear Brand

Sustainable fashion streetwear brand

The world ecological situation is deteriorating every day, and global brands are hold responsible for this. Local brands act more consciously, trying to demonstrate their environmental friendliness and proximity to nature. The goal of the new Plain brand – clothing for the modern urban environment – is to show the man-nature symbiosis, complementing it, and not destroying it, using only organic fabrics for the clothing and packaging production.

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Our design team needed to develop a corporate identity that would reflect the new brand values and would not stay in contrast with the declared clothing style. 


Based on customers feedback and on conducted market research, we proposed two alternative design concepts, each of them reflecting the environmental friendliness and conscious brand approach to the situation on the planet in its own way. 

Design Concept

By observing nature, contemplating the simple forms created by wind and water, we create the moment of the presence and alliance of man with the planet. This design concept reflects the lightness, ethereality and transparency of natural forms, giving the new Plain brand a touch of naturalness and environmental friendliness. Minimalism and geometricity of abstract elements carry the meaning of unitarity and functionality of clothing, aligning to the values of sustainable fashion. 


The logo is a word mark without graphic character. The font for the word mark was created specially for the Plain brand. 

Colors & Fonts

We selected a color scheme of evening, mysterious, northern shades for the Plain brand. As a corporate font, we offered a modern, well-balanced and easy to read Montserrat font in two variants: Cyrillic and Latin. 

Design Elements

In an effort to create the most native identity for the Plain brand, we decided to create a number of corporate elements in simple geometric shapes that resemble natural outlines, instead of a pattern. These elements are well suited for finishing printed materials, and also as independent elements, for example, as stickers for clothes wrapping. 


We proposed to use images against the background of water, sky or mountain landscape for the Plain brand. Airy, light, but not contrasting bright images embody the principles of the brand's environmental friendliness and its synergy with nature. 


The Plain brand corporate identity was developed specifically for applying it to all elements necessary when launching a clothing brand – sewn on and ordinary labels, packaging, stickers, business cards, as well as digital carriers (social networks and other online resources). 

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