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Creating a Brand for a Social Project

Breaking the stereotypes

The long-term pandemic is making conditions worse by spreading depression. Meanwhile, the superficial understanding and stereotypes surrounding mental health, in turn, are preventing the problem from being solved and helping those who are facing it in a timely manner.

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To create a brand that can attract the companies' attention to the problem of depression and, above all, the attention of those who are in a pre-depressed state, but do not know about it. 


We created a positioning that is expressed in an active slogans and a unique design system that involves integration into the design systems of partner brands and draws attention to the problem. 

Big Idea


The brand positioning is based on an idea supported by the project name: is a rejection of the monochromatic perception of life by a person with depression, as well as the monochromatic perception of the phenomenon of depression itself in the society. explains to people that depression is not one condition, it can occur in different ways, hiding a range of emotions and symptoms. 

Brand Positioning is a unity of people from different fields who are not indifferent to the subject of depression. Each of them has experienced depression to one degree or another. For someone, it was a personal experience; for others, it was the experience of their close ones. 


The project is designed to raise awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and provide reliable mental health resources. 


The project team provides people with information about depression in a different, but always accessible way. All programs and special projects are implemented through partnerships and cooperations with various companies and organisations. 


The main goal of the project is to convince people that depression exists; it is a common mental disorder that will not go away on its own, but can be treated. The coverage of this topic will allow to draw attention to the importance of this issue and to overcome preconceptions about depression. 

Design Concept

When we created the brand design, we emphasized the possibility for people to get out of the pressure of their mental state and see the variety and different shades of life. The key design principle is the intentional compression of line spacing and violation of the security field of the text blocks and images. 


The logo consists of a wordmark and the addition of a rectangular stripe in the width of the word. This strip symbolizes the monochrome line in the life of a person faced with depression, and also acts as a pressing element overhanging the wordmark. The same principle also applies for collaborations with other companies. The friendly company's logo is colored with the project's brand color and supplemented with a strip at the top. 


CoFo Sans is the main font for the brand. We wanted a to find a unique typographic voice for our project and got a hand from friendly agency ContrastFoundry who kindly permitted us to use it for our project. 


CoFo Sans is a clean sans serif with a soul. CoFo Sans is based on the idea of harmony between rationality and emotion, and between Latin and Cyrillic. The strong squareness of the shapes and a trace of industrial functionality are mixed in the designer’s intuition, to make CoFo Sans unique.It is a typeface perfect for designers and brands that are looking for clarity and adaptability, without sacrificing the identity. 


The color palette is pastel and warm. Calm colors are not used in combinations with each other, and are used only in monochrome style. The difference in color is only achieved by the intensity of one selected color. 


In order to support the idea of the project using visuals, we created a series of illustrations on four key topics related to depression: symptoms, causes, prejudices, and ways out. These illustrations show, through clear metaphors, how a person facing depression feels and help those around him better understand his condition. 

​Layout system

The pressure effect created by the monochrome backgrounds on the information blocks, as well as the compression of interline spacing evokes an intuitive desire to change not only the design system, but also leads to thoughts about making changes in way of thinking. According to the team's idea, the project site may have a varied, more "loose" layouts, depending on the context and the information on how to deal with mental health problems. 

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