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New Chapter for an Industrial Leader

Foundation of Tomorrow

Today Metafrax Group is one of the largest methanol producers in the world. Methanol and its derivatives are essential for production of thousands of everyday items – from pharmaceuticals to furniture and fuel. Over its 65 years of history and as a result of strategic acquisitions and organic growth Metafrax Group has become a company with a multi-billion revenue and production assets in many countries. Metafrax Group needed to bring its brand in line with its business strategy. As the company was starting a new chapter of its development, our agency was engaged to develop a new brand for Metafrax Group.

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Metafrax Group needed to bring its brand in line with its business strategy. As the company was starting a new chapter of its development, our agency was engaged to develop a new brand for Metafrax Group. 


The new brand positioning has to highlight the role of Metafrax Group in the chemical industry for everyone, including both the external audiences – clients, partners, government and the society – and the internal audiences – company’s employees in multiple countries. 

Brand Strategy

Following ambitions of the company, our strategists looked beyond methanol production and considered the business dynamics of Metafrax Group from the viewpoint of the global chemical industry trends. We developed the brand proposition 


"Foundation of Tomorrow" 


This new brand promise on the one hand emphasizes on the reliability and stability of the company, and on the other hand takes us to the future, demonstrating that Metafrax Group doesn’t stop on what it has already achieved but is ready to do more and to do better. 


To shape up the future ecological, social and business environment through responsible approach to the chemical industry development


To maintain the sustainable development and to create favorable ecosystem for the generations to come


Innovation Responsibility Sustainability

Brand Name

We recommended Metafrax Group to unite all subsidiary brands under one umbrella brand. In order to do that we developed unique brand names that reflect both the subsidiary companies’ business function and affiliation with the Group. The key production company was named  


"Metafrax Chemicals" 

Design Concept

Our designers created three unique design worlds. During one of the strategic sessions with Metafrax Group, its top management voted to pick one of them. The selected design concept was called 


"Living System" 


The central element of the logo is a dot – a symbol of balance and new beginning. The dot forms a circle, a symbol of unity and integrity. Connections between the dots represent combination of resilience and movement. 


Incline of the spherical sign sets a direction for growth and development. Wide letters of the wordmark represent openness and clarity of the new brand. The sizes of letter elements vary, becoming thinner near the connection spots, which makes the font look vivid and dynamic. 

Brand Architecture

There are nine sub-brands that are part of Metafrax Group, therefore we also had to create the brand architecture. We conducted research, which allowed us to advise on a new brand architecture. We recommended our client to create a vertical structure for a better integration of all sub-brands. 


We collaborated with Adam Katyi, an Austrian-Hungarian font designer. Together we developed Mohol Metafrax, a unique font for Metafrax Group. Mohol is a sans-serif, contrast, slant font meant to represent integration of technology and industry into a kind of art. We advised to use this font for titles and headlines. 


The principal color of the new brand is called Metafrax Purple. The purple color helps keeping inner focus. Noble and unique, this color signifies both stability and liveliness; it is a symbol of transformation from one state to another since purple is a mix of blue and red. 


Observations of chemical processes and molecular compounds transformation gave rise to the idea of a new pattern, which is represents a strong but flexible and living system. This pattern is to be used for branded products and can be used with any brand colors. 

Brand Guidelines

The final document that we created was brand book for over 60 different brand collaterals: from business cards to storage tanks. 

Brand Carriers

Corporate letterheads, business cards, annual reports and other business documents are an important part of the internal and external brand communications. Branded documentation enhances brand value and allows for a better brand recognition. 


We also developed more than 9 corporate websites for all the Metafrax Group sub-brands. 


New brand elements will be implemented on all the navigation systems of Metafrax Group facilities, transport and other brand collaterals. 

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