Friedrich Burger

Creating Burger Bar's Identity

May Friedrich be with you!

Friedrich Burger is a new street food place that is focused solely on selling burgers and fries. It is located in Potsdam. The fate of the city is closely connected with the name of Friedrich Prinz von Preußen. That is why the place bears his name.

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Challenge & Solution

We were approached by the creators of Friedrich Burger to create a vibrant and appetizing design for this place. The target audience of the brand is mainly young people aged 18 to 35 years. So the place should reflect the interests and lifestyle of this generation. We also needed to find some special touches that would distinguish the place from its competitors. 

Big Idea

In the design concept, Friedrich Burger is portrayed as if it were a brand inspired by a historical figure, with its unique character and world. And even though he lived a long time ago, or maybe he didn't exist at all, today we remind everyone that he is not forgotten. 

Design Concept

The design concept was inspired by the name of the place. We imagined Friedrich as a slightly eccentric person who had a passion for delicious food and burgers specifically. Obviously, during his time, there was no such thing as a burger, but we decided to give our own interpretation of this dish. "Burgerliebe ist eine Liebe zum Essen in Schichten." This idea lies at the heart of the entire design system, from the logo to the author's quirky illustrations. 

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