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Creating a New Way of Travelling

IT-powered travel services platform

In order to respond to all the challenges facing the travel industry, IT startups are replacing the usual tour operators with the new generation of professionals who think differently and offer bold solutions. They are transforming the travel industry, making it more user-friendly for both tourists and local entrepreneurs and hosts. This project was made for an independent startup. The founders of the project – young and ambitious individuals, who like traveling and exploring their country. They were not satisfied with what is happening with tourism in the country. That’s why they came with an idea to combine personal IT-knowledge and travel experience.

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The new brand should reflect the advantages of the platform, explain what it means to travel and create a new experience for people, making it attractive and convenient. 


The vision of new brand positioning is to assist in new ways of traveling and create a new culture of tourism, thus changing life for the better. The new brand reflects the advantages of the platform, making it attractive and convenient. The new brand inspires you to go on incredible journeys and helps you explore all the great things about our country and its inhabitants. It connects enthusiastic travelers and local entrepreneurs, creating truly unique experiences. 

Big Idea

The purpose of travel is not a way from point A to point B. The purpose of travel is the journey itself, new emotions and unforgettable experience. 


Assist in new ways of travelling and create a new culture of tourism, thus changing life for the better


Help to discover people and places, providing local businesses with an opportunity to host guests, and tourists from all over the world with an opportunity to have unforgettable experiences


Humanity Curiosity Partnership

Design Concept

Inspired by the loud and dynamic illustrative typography of old posters, we used the modern styles and fonts to create a unique brand logo that contains a call to action. The layout system is based on the three elements of the logo. 


We also created bright and memorable illustrations for Davay. All illustrations are divided into several series: stickers, characters, cities and impressions (things to do). Illustrations can be placed at the center of communications as style building elements, or as design elements to complement any information block. In addition, character illustrations can be used with any photo to make it part of the visual language of the new brand. 


The website is very minimalistic and is primarily aimed to create an emotional impression based on the presented content. The universal constructor system allows to easily combine visual content (photos / videos / illustrations), text blocks and other visual elements together. 

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