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Creating Brand Identity for the Camping Fuel Equipment

Trusted name in composite cylinders

AIRA, the UK-based camping fuel canisters brand, stands as a beacon of reliability and environmental consciousness in the outdoor industry. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices, AIRA offers adventure seekers a trusted companion for their camping endeavors, ensuring a seamless blend of performance and eco-friendly innovation.

Brand Design Packaging Design Brand Guidelines


Crafting a visual identity for AIRA posed the challenge of striking the perfect balance between rugged outdoor aesthetics and the brand's commitment to eco-consciousness. We've integrated elements that conveyed durability and adventure, while simultaneously reflecting AIRA's dedication to sustainable practices, requiring a thoughtful and innovative approach to design that resonated with the brand's ethos. 


We devised a design strategy centered around nature-inspired visuals and technological palette. By incorporating symbols of endurance and environmentally friendly elements into the branding, we successfully communicated AIRA's commitment to both adventure and sustainability. This solution not only encapsulated the brand's essence but also resonated authentically with the outdoor enthusiasts AIRA aims to engage. 

Design Concept

We've reimagined classic industry colors infusing them with a digital, modern flair. The lively palette reflects the brand's character, emphasizing warmth and friendly atmosphere within the company. 


Inspired by the product's shape, the design shifts focus from the item itself to its purpose — the product packaging. A frame-like border encapsulates the cylinder shape, symbolizing its significance. This design choice forms the backbone of the layout system, framing both textual and visual content. Neon, lively colors accentuate a bright and amiable B2C communication image. 

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