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An experimental gastro bar in Tbilisi

Chicos is a unique restaurant and bar in the heart of Tbilisi. The restaurant offers its guests European cuisine and author's cocktails. We worked on brand positioning & visual language as well as the website and social media, and interior and furniture design, which reflects the key idea of the brand.

Brand Strategy Brand Name & Slogan Brand Design Brand Guidelines Packaging Design Website Design & Development Interior Design


Chicos is a new place so it needed a brand which would reflect all facets of the project. The main challenge for our team was to create a modern and conceptual brand experience while keeping the warm atmosphere that is very important for a hospitality industry. 


We collaborated with local artists and factories in order to implement our vision of a place as it is. Everything had to be perfect and in one brand line – brand communications and tone of voice, interiors, visual identity, 3D art and even music. 

Brand Legend

Chicos is more than a restaurant, it's a cultural experiment with food, drinks, and formats based on an affinity toward details and aesthetics of hedonism. Attention to details, willingness to be open to the new, and the desire to surround people with beauty are at the core of all brand initiatives. 

Who we are

We are Chicos – a young collective that is interested in everything unexplored that catches our attention.

What we do

Our goal is to gather around a community that is passionate about the new aesthetics, new architecture, culture, music, fashion, and wanna share their news and knowledge while having delicious food.

How we do it

Following our passion to details and love to the aesthetic of hedonism, we've created not just a restaurant but a cultural experiment with food, drinks, and events.`


Brand identity had to be minimalistic and warm and welcoming at the same time. Clean grid system and bright accent colours made the new design vibrant and memorable. Such details as illustrations and 3D art works complemented the brand identity with friendly and human look and feel. 


The colour palette is calm and warm: pastel beige and dusty pink are complimented with bright red and pink. Inspired by the shapes of empanadas (one of the specialties at Chicos) we started to think over this shape. We felt that we were on the right track when we saw a huge mirror made by Polish brand Zieta Studio, which our interior designers had chosen for the place. 


Expanding the idea of Chicos into a digital space, we created a series of illustrations. The key dishes from the menu are depicted as lively and funny characters. There are also main characters – corn, human and leopard which are recalling the diversity of characters in the Chicos club. 


Working back-to-back with a client, local furniture factories and digital artists we created a unique visual implementation around one simple idea – to become not just a restaurant but an experimental fusion of food, design and modern culture. One of the main goals was to create an instagrammable experience and yes, Chicos is all over social media here in Georgia. 

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