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Lisa G – PR & Communications - 31.10.2023
Page magazine

PAGE: A Fusion of Branding and Interior Design Excellence 


Electric Brand Consultants partnered with Chicos Tbilisi to craft a remarkable fusion of branding and interior design, resulting in a stunning visual identity that captures the essence of Chicos’ unique brand story. Recently featured in PAGE magazine, this innovative venture has set a new standard for the synergy between branding and interior aesthetics. 


Chicos Tbilisi: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Elegance 

Chicos Tbilisi entrusted Electric Brand Consultants to create its brand identity, transmitting the brand's rich heritage into the heart of its interior design concepts. The harmonious blend of cultural heritage and modern sophistication has not only revitalized Chico's physical spaces but has also elevated its brand presence, creating a memorable experience for customers. 


PAGE Magazine: Championing Creative Excellence 

This extraordinary collaboration caught the attention of PAGE magazine, a prestigious design publication renowned for showcasing cutting-edge projects and creative innovations. Published in PAGE's October 2023 issue, the article explores the seamless integration of Electric Brand Consultants' expertise, Chicos Tbilisi’s brand essence, and the artistic vision of the interior design team. PAGE magazine's commitment to highlighting visionary projects in the creative industry underscores the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing the impact of thoughtful design on business value and customer engagement. 


Special thanks for a interest in our project to the whole PAGE Team and Anne Kaiser, PAGE Editor and just a wonderful person :)  

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