Our bronze at Transform Awards MEA 2023

Lisa G – PR & Communications - 25.05.2023
Туризм и гостиприимство

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the bronze award in the Best Brand Experience category at the Transform Awards MEA 2023! 

Our award-winning project, Chicos, involved a collaborative effort with the creators of a unique restaurant and bar located in the heart of Tbilisi. At every stage of the project, we meticulously crafted the brand's positioning, visual language, website and social media presence, as well as interior and furniture design. Our comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and immersive brand experience for Chicos. 


Chicos stands out as a multidisciplinary and multichannel project, embodying a 360-degree brand experience. By integrating various aspects, including physical space, offline graphic design, and digital design, we successfully unified the brand under a single concept. Through close collaboration with our client, local furniture factories, and digital artists, we created a visually captivating implementation that transformed Chicos into an experimental fusion of food, design, and modern culture. 


One of our primary goals was to create an "instagrammable" experience, and we are proud to say that Chicos has become a prominent presence on social media platforms throughout Georgia. In our work, we stayed true to the essence of the place, reflecting the idea that Chicos is more than just a restaurant – it is a cultural experiment. We created a comprehensive brand identity that resonates with individuals who share our passion for new aesthetics, interior design, culture, music, and delicious cuisine. 


The Transform Awards are globally recognized for honoring exceptional brand development and rebranding initiatives. Our bronze win in the Best Brand Experience category not only highlights our creative excellence but also reaffirms our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional brand experiences that make a lasting impact on both clients and consumers. 


In conclusion, our achievement at the Transform Awards MEA 2023 showcases our exceptional work on the Chicos project. It demonstrates our ability to create a remarkable brand experience that captivates the target audience and establishes Chicos as a cultural hub in Tbilisi. We are proud to have played a role in the success of Chicos and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional brand experiences that push boundaries and exceed expectations. 

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