Graduating from the university I already knew that the international economy was not quite the thing I wanted to do for a living and I was not sure what was mine. That's why I decided to change everything and eventually got my Master's in Strategic Management & Consulting.
Several "making-for-a-living" jobs & internships, and though I loved and was good at the educational program, I understood that I'm not sure that Big Corporations Work-style is my thing, I wanted something more creative & fun – a place where you can feel at home and constantly develop your skills managing projects in absolutely different industries. Sometimes wishes come true: and that's how I met my Electric family.
At Electric I am Head of Account, leading our team of managers who are ready to fight for clients’ interests and happiness day and night. My job is to know everything at any point and being able to solve any problem within a few minutes. Being a golden chain between a client and a team member is not always about the unicorns and rainbows, but I think that a perfect PM is the key to a perfect project.
To become a part of Electric send us your CV to [email protected]