Since my childhood I've always been in love both with numbers and art. It continued even to university since I studied Economics & Film and New Media at New York University. I continued searching myself after graduating and worked at global leading companies in finance, fashion and auditing. My dream came true when I joined a leading British branding agency as a strategist where I could use both numbers and magic at the same time. My career path was very exciting since I grew from a junior strategist to a Strategy director and worked at amazing agencies in UK and UAE.
We decided to launch Electric as a boutique agency that specialised both in strategy and design. Less than in 5 years we grew from a team of 3 to a full service agency with a team of 27 professionals who help clients from around the world to create game changing brand and digital experiences. We have become the country's Top 2 agency and have won dozens of international festivals of creativity.
I am happy that I get to do what I love: creating stories that change world to a better place step by step. I'm also very proud to have a team that has created one of the most comfortable, friendly and fast moving working spaces where everyone is welcome and where anyone can feel like at home.
To become a part of Electric send us your CV to [email protected]