Vertical farms branding

By Beso Turazashvili, Founder and CEO at Electric - 06.07.2021

The vertical farms market is growing, but the question still remains – whether the technology will be able to feed humanity in the future, or whether its role will be limited to the production of fresh greens for expensive restaurants.

Last year we faced an interesting challenge. One manufacturer of vertical farms and software – asked us to make a rebranding. At that time, the founders of the startup planned to expand into the international market, and also sought to prioritize the product line. Faced with the difficulties of positioning, they came to us, as we already had experience in the field of brand communications and the launch of new products.

The vertical farm market is still in its infancy. The combination of advances in agriculture, industry and IT allows the creation a fundamentally new product. iFarm needed the brand that would work with several industries at once, be interesting to both b2b and b2c, and create the image of a “green”, but at the same time a technological company.

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